Don't know what to wear to go to the office? Bet on a business casual

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    Don't know what to wear to go to the office? Bet on a business casual style

    Fashion trends have changed, and protocol and etiquette are very different today. The clothing that we wear to the office today is very variable, and the business casual style has taken a leading role in recent years. What exactly? This is business casual wear. It is an intermediate style between the traditional office suit and the clothes such as jeans or t-shirts that we wear on weekends. We are thus faced with a formal and professional way of dressing, adapted to new trends.

    The business casual concept comes from Silicon Valley. In the 1980s, young entrepreneurial talents revolutionized offices by finding a mainly comfortable dress code to spend long hours with computers and technology.

    How to achieve the perfect business casual style

    To achieve a business casual look you must take into account a series of important characteristics: comfort and functionality, versatility and projection.

    What kind of garments can we use for that informal executive style ? First of all, the first thing you should be clear about is how far that informal touch can go in your company. From there, the ideal is to bet on a comfortable and balanced outfit, starting by giving creativity to your look with footwear, for example. You can wear everything from oxford shoes and moccasins, to ballerinas, sneakers or military boots, among others.

    Another interesting option is to combine a blouse with a marked pattern with more discreet clothes, or wear a single color look but in a tone that is not usual, but serene.

    Garments that have some stretch can be the perfect option if you spend many hours sitting. In this case, you can avoid a stiff or high-waisted bottom that can cause discomfort. On the other hand, if you spend many hours on your feet at work, you should take care of your shoes and put on… sports shoes, perhaps?

    Think wisely when choosing your new casual office look and choose clothes that do not wrinkle easily, do not show sweat and are breathable. There is also a series of important basics: cotton t-shirts in neutral tones (white, black, gray), denim shirts, lingerie tops, jeans or denim skirts, etc.

    When to go for business casual style

    There are many offices in which an executive informal style is very accepted, especially in companies with a creative environment. This does not mean that you can hold a video meeting in a tracksuit, as for business casual to be acceptable, it must have a certain air of elegance and sophistication, but without forgetting comfort.

    Have you already thought about what kind of garments of this special style you would like to use in your work? With all this information, you will surely succeed with your look.

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