What fashion trends will we see in 2022?

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    What fashion trends will we see in 2022?

    We start 2022 with a great desire to anticipate the fashion trends that will mark the year. What trendy garments are going to sweep the next few months? Knowing them is the key to knowing which clothes to keep, which clothes to forget and what cannot be missing from your wardrobe. At Brochz , as an online store of exclusive clothing from the best brands, we want to share with you the selection we have made of the best fashion trends of 2022 that will give a lot to talk about. Take note!

    Fashion trends in 2022

    One color two piece suits

    Menswear-inspired suits are in full swing and their popularity isn't going to slow down this year. What we will see is a shift towards the use of monochromatic two-piece suits. Gone are the combination of two colors or the use of prints in this type of suit. Minimalism this year prevails in the fashion look. It is an ideal option to add to your business style.

    Color of the Year: Very Peri

    Pantone has already decided on what will be the trend color for this year: Very Peri. It is a color that combines the blue hue with a purplish red. A color that you will find in numerous garments and accessories.

    Trench coats are back

    It's time to rescue that trench coat that you had abandoned or to buy a new one! It is a garment that provides an elegant and British touch, ideal to complement your mid-season looks.

    cropped knitwear

    Crop tops that expose the midriff are a risk, but a safe bet this year, especially if they are knitted: tank tops, long-sleeved sweaters, short silhouette sweaters, etc.

    plaid print

    If we talk about prints, in 2022 we will see how the use of checks grows in all its versions. It doesn't matter if you want to wear the houndstooth version, bet on a timeless tartan, lean towards a more sophisticated style such as tweet, or gingham. Plaids are the latest fashion.

    bare back

    Backless garments arrived with force last year, and in 2022 they will continue to set trends, especially in spring-summer. Do not think about it and show off your back with the best clothes!

    pleated skirts

    Forget plain and satin skirts and buy pleated skirts this year. If it is in metallic, white or beige colors, much better.

    colorful bags

    Accessories can make a difference in your look, and bags are usually protagonists on many occasions. If you bet on designs with striking colors this year, which go beyond black and white, you will succeed.

    pointe shoes

    And… what about footwear? Shoes with a pointed toe are the ones that will stand out among the trends of 2022, whether they are boots, ankle boots, ballerinas or shoes of different styles. They are the ideal option for office looks or to wear at any formal event.

    In the Brochz catalog you can find all the clothes and accessories you need to renew your wardrobe and be up to date with fashion trends in 2022. Don't miss out on our exclusive clothes from the best brands with incredible discounts. Do you need shoes, clothes, bags? We have it all!

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